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At Beam, we are passionate about solving your inventory management challenges. Our expertise extends to all sectors related to logistics and inventory management. Our customer-focused approach, combined with fast and efficient solutions, provides the best platform in the market.

We always develop our platform with the end user at the center. We regularly involve customers in our development process so that the system always offers the most connection.

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Dylan van der Schoor
Founder / CEO
Katrine Klein
Commercial Lead
Dennis Dekker
Founder / Back-End Development
Kresten van Leeuwen
Founder / CTO
Tim Veenendaal
Operations Manager
Juliaan Schutzelaars
Quinten Verheij
Fabienne van Gurp
Jaouad Kaouch

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Our biggest developments

Idea for Beam emerges

The idea comes from a thesis study into logistical improvements in SMEs. The goal: to make inventory management and traceability accessible and simple for SMEs.

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Start, build, MVP and pilot phases

With their own funds, the founders of Beam are starting the development of the platform and pilot projects are being carried out with 5 customers. Both the projects for the app and the RFID system.

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Beam V2 in production

Lessons from the first version of Beam are incorporated and the new completely off-line-first variant called Beam V2 is being developed and put into production.

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POC investment from Horizon

In order to further build the platform, Horizon Flevoland is investing in Beam to further improve the technical structure. The developments for Beam V3 with the IoT platform are starting.

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Follow-up investment Horizon + Rabobank

To further scale up, Horizon Flevoland is investing in Beam together with Rabobank RIL. The team will be expanded commercially and operationally. Beam V3 is fully ready for production and is running successfully at dozens of companies.

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