Optimize your inventory with ease

With Beam's items and batch management, you can regain insight into the state of your stocks in the most user-friendly way. This allows you to sell better, processes run more efficiently and you almost never lose anything.

item and batch registration

Save hours of time and regain control

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Register with just a few clicks

Inventory management in Beam has been optimized so that you can register as quickly and easily as possible. No endless buttons and tabs to do a simple task.

Overview and rest

Working centrally ensures that everyone in the company knows what is in stock and where it is. This gives peace of mind to the process for everyone who works with stock.

Complex mutations simplified

Whether you're just keeping track of a few numbers per item or carrying out complex divisions to full batch tracking, Beam can handle any type of process and make it easy to register.

Always direct insight into current stocks

The very user-friendly app allows you to view all your inventory within a few clicks. Make work fast and easy with smart searches and filters

Complete control from any type of device

Whether you're using the mobile app or logging in online. Beam gives you insight into the current inventory from anywhere. The inventory list updates immediately to changes made by users. In addition, you can set filters to get a more specific picture of the state of affairs and then export everything to Excel or PDF.

Smart functionalities at article level to register changes as efficiently and quickly as possible

Discover our features at article level here. Modules and functionalities are adjustable in the business package per user group and in the enterprise package per individual employee.

Register the properties that make your inventory unique

Beam is easy to configure so that all properties of your products can be registered. For example, you can distinguish between fixed values such as article numbers and sizes, but the system can also be further configured with variable text fields, numbers, dates and floats.

Because you register everything in fixed fields, this allows you to gain insight later in the process with specific queries and graphs.

  • Very easy to configure

  • Matching fields to other systems through API links

Inventory rules that go in-depth

The strength of Beam is that item inventory is not a single quantity. Different attributes can be provided per line that say more about that specific inventory line. For example, you can further specify delivery dates, quality and residual stocks, for example. In turn, each inventory line can have multiple locations, all of which can be found individually.

  • Print directly for the correct inventory line

  • Fully deployed with location management

  • Automatically calculates your total inventory

Split existing parties or sort them into new ones

As soon as your inventory changes properties and needs to have a relationship with the parent party, you can do this with the split function. You indicate how much you will receive from the parent party and you can transfer this to several new division parties. For each division, a split number follows, which maintains a relationship with the parent party.

  • Ideal for agricultural processes

  • Update the difference in locations on the map

  • Always traceability to the parent party

Every change to your article is logged by Beam, securely, quickly, and forever.

For every change that is made to the system (even if it was offline), a history log is created in the platform. This gives you complete insight into what happened to the stock and who worked on it. Whether it concerns the number of changes, changed properties, collected orders or location movements, Beam makes this clear for you.

  • History logged per user

  • Safely kept forever

  • Linking to location conditions

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