Easy to use inventory management

Get to know our versatile and user-friendly inventory management platform. Explore our intuitive, insightful app and plug-and-play smart scanning equipment for effortless order and batch tracking.

Real-time insight

Always make sure that what you're looking for is available. No disappointments, just fast service for your customers. Sell with confidence.


Immediately available products and faster deliveries. Your customers experience smoother service, while your company remains flexible.

Error reduction

Say goodbye to misplaced items and pack orders without mistakes. Save on staff hours and unnecessary inventory costs. Get a grip on your inventory.

Your entire inventory. Easy to track from one platform.

Discover our intuitive and modular platform, ideal for any type of small business. Due to the flexibility of the Beam platform, you can choose to digitize or automate your inventory management, or both. Simply choose which modules of our app apply to your company to digitize your inventory management and choose matching smart scan equipment to automate your inventory management.

Result: full control over your inventory and logistical processes.

Why work with Beam?

Personal approach

A fast and helpful team is ready to assist you immediately. Our priority is fast and efficient service so you can get back to work quickly.

We install everything

At Beam, we believe that our products offer full value after a thorough installation. That's why you get personal training for a smooth start.

Constant innovation

We continue to develop continuously, both with standard solutions and by responding to specific sector needs through customer discussions.

What customers say about us

“During storage, it is essential to have control over the logistical process.”

“Beam offers huge advantages over other solutions.”

“Working digitally and keeping track of inventory provides peace of mind.”

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