Drag and drop your items and locations. Visual and easy.

With Beam, you don't have to look at numbers, you can see exactly where your inventory is stored at a glance. You can easily move from location by clicking on locations, with barcode scanners, or RFID technology. As a result, you will almost never lose anything again.

Location Management

Digital reflection of your racks or warehouses

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Register where your stock is

By working visually, you make fewer mistakes. You can easily distribute inventory over multiple locations and always remain transparent. This way, everyone knows where to find the articles or parties.

Move around with smart features

Do you work with forklifts and pallet locations? Then you can move entire parties, move rows or move them automatically within a few clicks.

Regain insight into occupancy

Because you register where inventory is, it is automatically calculated what the location occupancies are. This allows you to organize your storage locations more efficiently and reduce costs.

Always know where stock is

Beam automatically calculates how many items you have left to place and can keep reminding you of unplaced inventory. Because you have a visual reflection of reality, you will immediately notice any errors that can be corrected.

Packed with smart features so you can move in seconds instead of minutes

The move module comes packed with features to work as efficiently as possible. Whether you manage a small warehouse or need to track thousands of pallets and crates, Beam has the solution for you.

Just press where your inventory is located

From the mobile application, you can place inventory, or parts of inventory, quickly and easily on location. You click on the box where it is, Beam sees if it fits and then places it.

  • Multiple locations per item

  • Fast functions thanks to longpress

  • Completely offline, not dependent on the internet

Configure your own floor plan in a few minutes

Do you have new storage locations or do you need to make some changes to the content? You can easily do that yourself via the settings screen. This way, you have full control over the layout of your warehouse or locations. If you work with fixed heights, you can individually configure the capacity for each compartment.

  • Locations configured in minutes

  • Unique barcodes per location or box

See at a glance how full your racks or locations are.

Every location change is registered in Beam, so you are always aware of numbers, occupancy rates and free capacities in real time. This allows you to distribute inventory smarter and even reduce significant costs by merging inventory from similar locations.

  • Real-time location updates

  • Extensive history

  • Record location properties such as temperatures

Use scanners to quickly identify inventory and scan it to a specific location.

Simply connect a barcode scanner to your device or use integrated scan terminals to place inventory more quickly. You can print labels with QR code from Beam and you can easily configure codes yourself for locations.

  • Move up to 3 times faster

  • Works with any type of barcode scanner

  • Available as a complete solution

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