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Smart devices

Smart scanning equipment to automate your process

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Plug and Play

Quick start with easy deployment, no complicated installations. Experience system flexibility and avoid the complexity of integration..


Real-time access to data from anywhere, including remotely, with a scalable, secure cloud solution that reduces downtime compared to a local approach.

Smooth process

Switch quickly without long-term consultancy, with rapid implementation, cost savings and immediate operational benefits, without extensive consulting costs.

PLuG and play equipment

A complete solution installed within a day

Beam provides a total solution of equipment, software, and tags that integrates seamlessly with your current system. Of course, it can also be fully operated from the Beam platform.

Identify items reliably and quickly

Unique RFID tags per item are read by remote RFID scanners. This requires no label visibility and tags are readable at high speeds.

Fully cloud-based system

All fixed scanners such as ports, overhead and tables are directly connected to the internet. As a result, tag statuses are known everywhere and maintenance of the system can be ensured remotely.

Diverse partner network for every conceivable case

We work with the leading companies in hardware, printing and labeling. This allows us to guarantee the best solution quickly and efficiently.

Complete solution with high service

We deliver the system from A-Z, so you are assured of the best functioning and our support team can provide you with the best possible service

Solutions to your inventory management challenges via our equipment

No more sending an order to the wrong customer

Check an order in seconds after picking

Check multiple orders at the same time in the blink of an eye

Eliminate inventory counts for good

Save time through more efficient order picking

To connect RFID scan setups to Beam or the cloud, a Beam IoT bridge (connection between smart scan equipment and the Beam platform) is required. RFID tags and RFID printers can also be purchased from Beam as part of the total solution.

Core functionalities

Diverse range of scan and label solutions

No company works the same. That is why we offer various solutions within a standard platform. All equipment can be connected plug and play, so you can easily put together the best solution for your company.

Versatile choice of equipment

Whether you just want to print from the cloud or track each item individually through the supply chain, Beam has the right equipment for your process.

Controllable anywhere

Use the Beam platform to control equipment, print labels, or read tags. Or integrate the equipment directly into your existing business systems with the open API.

Highly reliable

Beam equipment is controlled and monitored in real time by the Beam IoT bridge. This device runs within your company and handles all data traffic and helps if there are problems.

Direct support with questions or problems

Our systems are highly reliable. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, our support department is here for you. Extensive SLAs are possible.

At the center of every process

Beam is revolutionizing inventory management by integrating essential technologies into one powerful platform. Easily connect barcode scanners, RFID equipment and printers to ERP and WMS software. This increases efficiency and real-time insight into your inventory chain, while saving time and resources.

Curious about what else the Beam platform has to offer to further optimize your inventory management?

Heb ik de Beam app nodig om de slimme scan apparatuur te gebruiken?

No, you can also use the equipment without our app. It depends on your work processes whether we also recommend our app. Among other things, the app provides a visual overview of where your inventory is and provides access to order processing, which is in most cases a good addition to the equipment.

Hoe werkt de plug-and-play functionaliteit van de Beam scanapparatuur?

The equipment is designed to be connected and used immediately, without extensive installation procedures. It only requires connecting to a USB port or wireless connection to be operational.

Do I need technical expertise to use these scanning devices?

No, this equipment has been designed with ease of use in mind. Most users can pick it up quickly without in-depth technical knowledge. In addition, we will always ensure that it is installed and you will receive training with this.

Does this equipment support different types of bar codes?

Yes, our devices support various types of barcodes, including barcodes, QR codes, and RFID codes, to scan a wide range of inventory items.

Can this equipment be integrated with other inventory management systems?

Yes, this is possible. The easiest and fastest way is to connect to our platform, but the equipment is also compatible with other systems via standard interfaces.

How accurate are the scans of this equipment?

The equipment is optimized for accurate scans and minimizes errors in recording inventory information, thereby collecting reliable data.

What are the costs of the equipment?

We offer a variety of equipment that all differ in price. The final price consists of both this one-off price and a subscription fee for using our platform. This starter bundle starts at €295 per month, including access to multiple functionalities and three users. Additional costs vary based on additional modules, user numbers and any additional services such as support or training. For more information about prices, see the relevant page.

Are there any maintenance requirements for these scanning devices?

Overall, our equipment requires minimal maintenance, such as firmware updates or occasional cleaning, to maintain optimal performance. In the event that other problems arise, we will link you to the right service partner.

How can I get support if I have questions or problems with this equipment?

We offer customer support every working day via email, live chat and phone support channels. This way, we can help you as quickly as possible. It is also possible to purchase an SLA from us.

A different technology for each application

In order to organize your inventory management process as optimally as possible, it is important to use the right technology. There is no one technology better than the other,

Application only




Simple and fast

Fast within a day with physical installation

Project-based with an average lead time of 2 months

Required technology

Mobile devices or browsers

Scanners, printers, labels, mobile devices, forklift brackets

RFID scan points, RFID labels, RFID printer, corporate network with internet connection


Simple and fast

Simple and fast

Simple and fast

Deployment speed

Simple and fast

Simple and fast

Simple and fast