Use your warehouse as optimally as possible with the Beam platform

Get a grip on your inventory, improve logistical efficiency and optimize work processes. Real-time insights and automated processes take your warehouse to a higher level of productivity and profitability.

Optimal warehouse use

With current inventory data, you can minimize unnecessary inventory surpluses and shortages, which is essential for your warehouse with limited space.

Easy deployment

Fast installation without complex configurations gets our platform up and running right away, saving you valuable time.

Happy customers

Better inventory accuracy and faster order fulfillment lead to satisfied customers, allowing you, as an SME, to stand out and build customer loyalty.

Your warehouse in top shape

Smart inventory management for SME entrepreneurs with warehouses is a game changer. Real-time insights into inventory levels prevent shortages and overstock, saving costs and always satisfying customers.

Thanks to automated processes such as barcode scanning and Beam's advanced software, errors are minimized and order processing is more efficient. This leads to lower costs, better cash flow and higher profitability. Smart inventory management is not only an investment in efficiency, but also a powerful lever for growth and success. Dive into Beam's inventory management application and equipment below and discover how our platform can help you to a more efficient and profitable warehouse.


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Solutions to your inventory management challenges via our equipment

Check an order in seconds after picking

No more sending an order to the wrong customer

Eliminate inventory counts for good

Check multiple orders at the same time in the blink of an eye

Save time through more efficient order picking

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Inventory management at Royal van Zanten

The Beam inventory management application at Royal van Zanten


Peace and control through the track & trace platform at Van Haaster Vijfhuizen.

By entering all movements and changes directly on location and being able to find them in history afterwards, the inventory administration is always up to date

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