API connections

Connect the Beam app and smart devices to your system

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Optimized insights

Through data exchange and seamless integration, you get valuable operational insights that are always reliable thanks to the linked data.

Tailored to your business

Adjust integration without losing performance. Enjoy a flexible, customized system that communicates seamlessly with your other systems.

Increased process efficiency

Improve business processes with smooth integration, save time and promote overall efficiency and accuracy. Say goodbye to double entry.

How it works

A link is like a smart bridge that exchanges information between two systems. The Beam platform keeps track of inventory - how many products there are, what is sold, and so on. On the other hand, an ERP system, for example, manages broader business activities, such as finance, HR, and customer relationships.

At the center of every process

The link ensures that these systems can talk to each other and share data. When a product is sold, our platform communicates that with the ERP system. This automatically updates how many products are still available and how many have been sold, helping to keep track of finances, plan restocks, and provide accurate customer information.

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Inventory management at Royal van Zanten

The Beam inventory management application at Royal van Zanten

Is technical expertise required to implement links?

Implementing API links generally requires some technical knowledge, but our platform provides documentation and support to facilitate the process. We also help set up a link between our platform and the other system in question.

How often is data synchronized between the Beam platform and external systems via a link?

This can be adjusted based on the company's needs. For most customers, we synchronize data in real time or at scheduled times.

Are there any security measures taken for data transmission via a link?

Yes, data security is our top priority. We often implement security protocols such as encryption and authentication to ensure the secure transmission of data.

Can I create a customized link for specific needs in my business?

In some cases, we offer options for users to create a custom link, but this usually requires more technical skills. The extra hours that we invest in this will be passed on.

Does Beam also connect to my ERP system?

As long as your ERP system uses online APIs, Beam can connect. We don't connect to local systems that can't communicate over the internet.

Do you offer support if there are problems with the connection?

Yes, we provide technical support and documentation to resolve and answer any questions or issues related to a link.