Scanning table

No more mistakes when sending orders

After checking the order, you place the items on a table and scan within a second whether the order is complete and correct. Both from the Beam application and integrated with your existing ERP system.

Plug and Play

The table with integrated hardware is plug and play. You provide it with power and internet and can be used immediately.


It can be remotely seen whether the device is functioning and all scanned items are registered for later retrieval. This way, you have complete traceability of your products

Smooth process

Table installation within one hour. It is delivered ready-to-use, after which staff training follows. It's as simple as putting stock up and you're done.

Other solutions for your inventory management challenges via our equipment

No more sending an order to the wrong customer

Check an order in seconds after picking

Check multiple orders at the same time in the blink of an eye

Eliminate inventory counts for good

Save time through more efficient order picking

To connect RFID scan setups to Beam or the cloud, a Beam IoT bridge (connection between smart scan equipment and the Beam platform) is required. RFID tags and RFID printers can also be purchased from Beam as part of the total solution.