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‍The manuals give you a quick insight into how Beam Tracking's inventory management system works. It is a tool to support you in using the system effectively and efficiently within your company. The guides have been carefully compiled to guide you step by step in implementing and optimizing the various features that the platform has to offer.


Basic usage

To help you get the most out of our system, we've put together a comprehensive guide to basic Beam Tracking usage, from adding items to managing orders and everything in between.

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Migration to Beam 3

This guide contains the step-by-step plan for current Beam 2 customers to migrate to Beam version 3. Follow these steps after being informed by Beam that your account has been migrated.

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Explore the different categories that cover all parts of the Beam Tracking System, including the App, RFID, Hardware, and API. These categories have been carefully designed to provide you with targeted information and guidance. Easily navigate through relevant topics and expand your knowledge of every aspect of the system.


Learn how to most efficiently configure Beam for your type of business and process here.

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In this documentation, you will find out how the Beam Platform works. Here you'll learn the best way to register your inventory with our wide range of features.

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Discover the RFID features of the Beam App. There is a complete plug-and-play integration between the application and Beam's RFID systems. For example, you can scan, write off, place on location, track and scan unique tags on an order.

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How to connect hardware to Beam. In these articles, we teach you how to easily connect hardware such as barcode scanners, printers, bridges, etc. to the platform.

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Getting started

We'd love to tell you how the application works. From start to finish, we'll take you through the use of the Beam app.

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In this category, you'll learn how to use our API to exchange data, as well as the best ways to integrate other systems with our platform.

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