Once your warehouse locations and categories are set up, it's time to add items to your inventory. Here we explain how to add items and how you can then place them at a location.

Add items

To do this, go to the section and click the blue plus icon. You can enter the item's name, description, EAN, category, and any other relevant information.

After creating, you will be referred to the numbers screen. Click on the add line here to indicate how many pieces of the item there are and possibly what container they are in. Save the changes when everything is filled in, of course it is possible to make changes later.

Uploading items

It is also possible to import your items, for example via an excel file. In the top bar, click on the cloud icon and select “upload parties.” When importing, make sure that the headers of your excel file match what is requested in Beam, this way Beam can read your import properly.

Place items on location

Once the item has been saved, it is ready to be placed. You will be automatically redirected to the move screen. Here's an overview of where all previously placed items are. On the right side of the screen is the buffer to see. Here are all the numbers of the currently selected item that still need to be placed.

This way, you can select the desired position where the item should be placed, and it is also possible to switch between the different plans here. Simply click on a box to place an item there. After an item has been placed, it must be stored.