Regain control over your orders

Get to know our very user-friendly module for managing and collecting orders. Fully configurable and therefore suitable for any type of process.

Order module

Know exactly what to pack

We configure Beam tailored to your process. Get in touch with our sales today.

Prioritize inventory to collect

You decide which inventory rules take priority. This way, you ensure a clean process and reduce the overall costs of your inventory.

Work manually, with barcode scanners, or fully with RFID

To manage your orders, all you need is a mobile phone or computer. Accelerate the picking process by working with barcode scanners or RFID.

All necessary lists have been printed out before sending

Do you sometimes prefer to work with paper? Then simply print out a packing list. After shipment, the packing slips or delivery notes are also ready.

Get rid of paper lists. Working digitally is at least as easy and keeps everything central

With Beam, you always process orders quickly. You can clearly see where your products are and how many of them need to be collected. By working digitally, his stocks and order statuses are clear to the entire company again. Of course, seamlessly linked to your purchase and sales or ERP system.

Manage orders in just a few steps and collect them as optimally as possible

No longer go through endless steps to create an order or packing list. In Beam, you can create new orders in just a few clicks and pick them up as efficiently as possible.

Know exactly what to pack, and Beam books it for you right away.

By working with mobile devices such as phones, tablets, or handheld terminals, you can process orders quickly and easily. As a result, you update inventory immediately and you are able to deliver faster to the end customer. Everything is registered in the system and is therefore easy to find. Beam makes picking orders less error-prone and more fun to do.

  • Works on any device

  • Raping with multiple users at the same time

  • Completely offline, not dependent on the internet

Create orders from anywhere, in less than a minute.

First, you simply fill in the customer information, after which you can add inventory to the order. You quickly search for the right items or lots and see at a glance what else can be sold. You can select which specific inventory line you want to add to that order. Then select the quantity and the order has been created.

  • Both via computer and app

  • Simple to use

You can still print out the necessary documents

Do you still need paper documents for your customers, such as packing slips or delivery notes? Then you can easily download or print them from Beam. We have standard templates available for this and a custom layout is also possible for business and enterprise packages.

  • Can be created directly from Beam

  • With your own branding

  • Multiple templates

Optimized routes for collecting inventory. Save hours of time right away

With the Beam Smart Sort algorithm, you save tons of time. Through our location management module, we are able to calculate the exact positions of your inventory relative to each other. The system constantly calculates the most optimal walking route within your warehouse based on the orders you want to prepare for shipment at that moment.

  • Running route optimization algorithm

  • Running multiple orders at the same time

  • Then check it with barcodes or RFID

You'll never have to wonder who picked which order again. Thanks to extensive history, this is immediately clear.

For every change that is made to the system (even if it was offline), a history log is created in the platform. This gives you complete insight into what happened to the stock and who worked on it. Whether it concerns the number of changes, changed properties, collected orders or location movements, Beam makes this clear for you.

  • History logged per user

  • Safely kept forever

  • Linking to location conditions

Simply complete orders manually. Or faster with barcode scanners and RFID scan technology

We'd love to scale with you. You can fully use Beam from a computer or mobile phone, if you are looking for more efficient processes, implement our plug and play scan equipment.

No more sending an order to the wrong customer

Check an order in seconds after picking

Check multiple orders at the same time in the blink of an eye

Eliminate inventory counts for good

Save time through more efficient order picking

To connect RFID scan setups to Beam or the cloud, a Beam IoT bridge (connection between smart scan equipment and the Beam platform) is required. RFID tags and RFID printers can also be purchased from Beam as part of the total solution.

Is your package or functionality not listed? Our sales department is happy to think along with you.

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