Barcode and 2D scanners

Quick identification of printed labels

Provide your products with Beam barcode labels for quick identification. Both unique codes per item and fixed EAN codes per product. Speed up your process and prevent errors by scanning.

Connect to app

Simply connect scanners to Beam via Bluetooth or cable and start scanning

Accelerate your processes

By using barcodes, you can work up to 5 times faster than manually. In addition, you make considerably fewer mistakes.

Work without worries

Start inventory management in Beam today and

Label printing

Work with label printers to quickly print out a high number of high-quality labels or labels. You can easily create print (batch) orders from any device and they are sent directly to the printer. You can come to us for both simple and advanced printing challenges.

  • RFID Powered on Site by SATO

  • Wide range of printers for every type of application

  • Control from Beam platform with print bridge

Work faster and error-free

Compared to manual registration, with barcode scanners, you can always be sure that you are selecting the right product. This way, you make fewer mistakes in addition to speeding up the registration process itself. Beam supplies various types of barcode scanners for simple short-range applications to scanners that can read up to 15 meters in your warehouse. Request a demo to discuss the differences.

  • Full integration with the Beam platform

  • Print and scan both barcodes and QR

  • Possibility for unique code per label

Other solutions for your inventory management challenges via our equipment

No more sending an order to the wrong customer

Check an order in seconds after picking

Check multiple orders at the same time in the blink of an eye

Eliminate inventory counts for good

Save time through more efficient order picking

To connect RFID scan setups to Beam or the cloud, a Beam IoT bridge (connection between smart scan equipment and the Beam platform) is required. RFID tags and RFID printers can also be purchased from Beam as part of the total solution.