The Beam Platform

The inventory management solution for SMEs

Simplify inventory management and streamline operational processes with Beam. Our cloud-based, plug and play and modular platform is simple and intuitive. The platform consists of our intuitive app and scanning equipment and can be seamlessly integrated with any ERP and WMS software.

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Inventory management app

Streamline your inventory organization with our app, providing a comprehensive visual dashboard for all your stock.

API Connections

Seamlessly synchronize every action with your ERP and WMS software for integrated workflow management.


Enhance your operations with intelligent scanning devices designed to automate processes and minimize errors.

Inventory management application

Optimise your business inventory with our user-friendly inventory management app. Real-time insights, efficient inventory management and effortless order processing - all at your fingertips. Say goodbye to paperwork, time-consuming administrative tasks and effortlessly rely on the Beam inventory management application.

  • Inventory efficiency increased by 64%

  • $35,500 euro saved

API Connections

Manage your business more effectively by connecting the Beam platform to your ERP or WMS software and make better-informed decisions through improved visibility of your inventory levels, orders, and financial data. Connections minimize manual tasks and errors by automatically synchronizing data, saving time and costs.

  • Wide range of existing links

  • Custom connections possible

Smart scan equipment using RFID technology

Use wireless technology to automatically identify and track items. Our smart hardware enables fast, error-free inventory and real-time inventory visibility. It also improves the accuracy of inventory recording, allowing for more efficient processes and better decision making.

  • From 80 to 99+% inventory accuracy

  • Orders checked 20 times faster