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By focusing on improving inventory reliability in both the flower bulb sector and the wider agricultural industry, we have developed an in-depth understanding of the needs and challenges of various companies within this sector. Read below how we created value for inventory management in the agricultural sector.

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Our close cooperation with growers, refrigerated preparation houses and exporters has provided us with valuable insights into the unique logistical requirements of each type of company. These insights have translated into the products made for the agricultural sector. We distinguish ourselves by the ability to increase inventory reliability by anticipating market trends, optimizing logistics processes and providing real-time insights into inventory status. With our proven track record in the agricultural sector, we can support companies in achieving optimized inventory management and logistical efficiency, giving them a competitive advantage.


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Inventory management at Royal van Zanten

The Beam inventory management application at Royal van Zanten


Implementation of Beam track & trace and digital inventory management at J. Heemskerk & Zn.

When storing flower bulbs, it is essential to have control over the logistical process. In mid-2019, J. Heemskerk & Zn...

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