Get a taste of our platform in a quick 30 minute demo

Beam's inventory management and traceability platform is extremely user-friendly and quick to set up, we'd love to take you through the process and tell you what our software and scanning equipment can do for your company.

  • Demonstration of our application and all features

  • Operation and applicability of RFID or barcode scanning equipment

  • The options for integrations with your ERP or accounting software

Enkele van onze klanten:

What can I expect during the demo?

We'll discuss what steps can be taken to make your inventory management process as efficient as possible. Next, we'll show you what our systems can do and what the benefits of certain types of hardware are.

Do I need to prepare for the demo?

It's not necessary, but it would certainly help. We would like to ask you to consider carefully what bottlenecks are in your process and which application you would like to see. This allows us to support you faster and better.

What happens after the demo?

If you found the demo interesting, we can offer you a free trial period and further discuss how we can work towards an implementation. Of course, any tests with hardware are also possible.

How long does the demo take?

A demo takes approximately 30 minutes. Of course, this can result in a longer follow-up appointment.

Is the demo optional?

Yes, the demo is completely optional and you are not bound to anything.

Is the demo online or physical?

The first demo takes place online via Microsoft Teams. Are we a match? Then, of course, we would be happy to visit you to show the system physically in operation.

What customers say about us

“During storage, it is essential to have control over the logistical process.”

“Beam offers huge advantages over other solutions.”

“Working digitally and keeping track of inventory provides peace of mind.”