Handheld RFID scanning

Counting and retrieving stocks with a handy scanner

With a simple handheld RFID scanner, you can check the entire inventory by walking around the warehouse. By placing your inventory in Beam, you can do stock takes in no time and you hardly ever lose anything.

Works directly with the app

Via the Beam app for iOS and Android, you can start scanning immediately.

Cloud integration

All data is processed on the device and synchronized directly with the Beam cloud. This makes it transparent to all users and connected systems.

Work without worries

With Beam, we make inventory management simple again. On average, customers experience an increase in inventory reliability of up to 30%

Other solutions for your inventory management challenges via our equipment

No more sending an order to the wrong customer

Check an order in seconds after picking

Check multiple orders at the same time in the blink of an eye

Eliminate inventory counts for good

Save time through more efficient order picking

To connect RFID scan setups to Beam or the cloud, a Beam IoT bridge (connection between smart scan equipment and the Beam platform) is required. RFID tags and RFID printers can also be purchased from Beam as part of the total solution.