Improve your logistics process with Beam

Our platform ensures that you have real-time insight into movements within your company or the supply chain. Safeguard every step of the process by simply registering, manually or fully automated. Gain a competitive advantage by making optimal use of locations and minimize storage costs by minimizing unnecessary inventory.

Follow the process closely

Easily record every step in the chain. So that you get insight into the process.

Scalable efficiency

Flexibly and accurately manage your inventory, resulting in cost savings and improved cash flow, without the complexity of large-scale systems.


Place scan equipment at strategic points and provide items with an RFID tag so that you can automatically follow the entire process.

Experience a strong competitive advantage through optimal inventory management

The Beam platform makes it easier for you to streamline daily activities, but it also makes an essential change in how you manage and optimize your inventory. You get real-time insight into your inventory quantities, which is essential to optimize storage and shipping processes to meet customer demands. Optimisation of inventory also results in efficiency, distribution and logistical planning.

In addition, Beam enables automated processes such as streamlining orders, improving inventory accuracy, and speeding up order processing. This not only helps you to work more efficiently, but also to offer customers better service through faster deliveries and more reliable inventory availability. Finally, they also provide valuable insights and reports that SMEs can use to identify trends, predict seasonal fluctuations, and make strategic decisions to grow their business.


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Check an order in seconds after picking

No more sending an order to the wrong customer

Eliminate inventory counts for good

Check multiple orders at the same time in the blink of an eye

Save time through more efficient order picking

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Inventory management at Royal van Zanten

The Beam inventory management application at Royal van Zanten


Implementation of Beam track & trace and digital inventory management at J. Heemskerk & Zn.

When storing flower bulbs, it is essential to have control over the logistical process. In mid-2019, J. Heemskerk & Zn...

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