The transformation to cloud-based inventory management


November 16, 2023

Fabienne van Gurp

The New Era of Inventory Management

Welcome to the new era of inventory management where cloud-based solutions take over from traditional methods. In this rapidly changing digital world, it's essential to keep up to date with the latest technologies to keep your operations efficient and effective. This blog delves into recent developments in inventory management and the shift from legacy systems to modern, user-friendly solutions.

From traditional systems to cloud-based flexibility

Traditional inventory management often requires heavy investments in in-house server infrastructure and software licenses, leading to high upfront costs and challenges in maintenance and scalability. Systems that are often custom written with complex business logic become difficult to maintain in the long run. With changing processes, these systems become more sluggish and slower, so innovations cannot be applied without the risk of failures. Given these challenges, the shift to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and cloud-based solutions is a logical step for many SMEs.

The rise of SaaS and cloud-based systems

Forrester's research shows that the increasing use of SaaS and cloud-based systems in SMEs has a significant impact on operational efficiency. Gartner forecasts a 20% increase in the use of SaaS solutions by 2023, and companies are increasingly recognizing the need for flexible and cost-effective solutions that offer cloud-based systems. This trend focuses on merging individual systems that each have their own strength, resulting in the best comprehensive solution for companies through shared data exchange.

Comprehensive benefits of cloud-based inventory management

  • Cost savings and accessibility: Without the need for expensive hardware, companies reduce costs with a cloud-based subscription model and enjoy increased accessibility.
  • Maintenance-free and up to date: Cloud-based systems eliminate the need for regular specific maintenance, with automatic updates at no extra cost.
  • Data analysis and reporting: With cloud computing, companies can process larger data sets and perform more complex analyses for improved business insights.
  • Flexible scalability: These systems offer the flexibility to scale services to meet the needs of the growing business, with guaranteed high availability.
  • Device agnostic: Cloud-based solutions work on all devices, making it possible to use anywhere.

Beam as a complete solution

Beam believes in the revolution of cloud-based solutions and the collaboration of multiple successful business systems. That's why we offer seamless integrations with existing ERP, WMS, and accounting systems, resulting in a streamlined experience and a centrally user-friendly platform for all inventory management activities.

Future-proof Inventory Management with Beam

We go beyond traditional inventory management by supporting offline working and real-time data synchronization. With a wide range of customizable modules, Beam positions itself as a future-proof choice for companies that strive for optimization and growth.

Discover our strength

Beam isn't just a tool; it's a strategic partner that transforms your inventory management. Learn how Beam can empower your business with a free demo and get in.

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