“Due to the large flow and the different types, it is important to keep track of the inventory.”

Year-round tracking & tracing at Broeierij-kwekerij Gebr. Hogervorst

At Gebr. Hogervorst on the Westeinde in Noordwijkerhout, Hyacinths, Daffodils and Zantedeschias are grown and scalded. Due to the large flow and the different varieties, it is important to keep track of exactly how much comes into the nursery, when it is sorted, when it goes into the greenhouse and finally when the plants are planted again.

A lot of discipline is required to properly register inventory. Where is the party? What plot does this batch come from? When was this batch planned? By having insight into this data, it is possible to control the entire process and deliver a quality product.

Upon arrival, the parties are added via the Beam app on the forklift or computer. The system then asks for a location for the crates or bins that have been created. Every movement, to a different temperature, the sorting line or the greenhouse can be registered in real time. In addition, you can see at any time, from any device, what happened to the party and where it was. This ensures that the quality of the bulbs can be closely monitored and less time has to be spent on inventory administration. After all, there is always certainty about where the stock is.

Deliverable batches are deducted as soon as they leave the company, possibly with the customer's characteristics or — if desired — with a plant passport. The software also keeps track of how much planting material is planted on the plots, creating a comprehensive multi-year history for Gebr's flower bulbs. Hogervorst.

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